The Styles

The Styles 2013

Writers with Day Jobs

Steven Styles began writing The Kingdom series in early 2002. Filling his days with work and his evening with writing & family after ten years two novels emerged completed: The Road to the King and its sequel In Service of the King. The third novel in the series is currently ‘in the works.’

In collaboration with his wife–L. R. Styles–Steven wrote On the Way to America a historically-accurate fiction novel based on their mutual ancestors’ stories of immigrating to America.

L. R. Styles began writing poetry in middle school, branching out into the uneasy realm of fiction at the turn of this century. After penning a humorous memoir she dabbled in written-to-sell fiction and book reviewing before writing The Inheritance (literary fiction based on vivid dreams). As time allows, she works on one of her novels–in various stages of completion–as well as writing blogs on the ever-evolving eBook industry:

Married for seventeen years the Styles have four clever children, a wily cat and an organic vegetable garden.


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