On the Way to America

New Cover for OTWTA with textHistorically-Accurate Fiction by Steven Styles & L. R. Styles

For merely the chance at a better life, Patrick Callahan and his granddaughter Molly travel from their poor town in Ireland to the smoky, crowded docks of Liverpool, England. All perils of travel and inspections alike seem little to pay as the two travelers board an ocean steamer The HMS Cedric, bound for New York City.

After diverting south–around a winter storm–to the Azor Islands off Portugal, The Cedric takes on hundreds of new passengers from a foundering ship: survivors of the devastating earthquake in Messina, Sicily. These new folk are unlike any that Patrick nor Molly has ever seen but they do not hesitate to make to get to know a Sicilian family more like them than they realize.

Once separated by thousands of miles–and the bounds of culture–both families must weather the Immigration Department of Ellis Island, a place shrouded in mystery, wonder and fear.

Rated “T” for mild language, realistic thematic material, death and intense situations.

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