In Service of the King 2 of The Road to the King Epic Fantasy Series by Steven Styles & L. R. Styles

Elevated by the king to title and land, Joseph Asher oversees the estate of The Stone Mountain, a large granite precipice & fertile valley on the fringes of The Great Bay. Making no haste to reveal his title and wealth, Lord Asher alternates between working his forge and riding–with his fellow Shamar–on increasingly dangerous missions for the king.

With his trusted men, The Monarch is determined to route out the remaining vestiges of corruption that once infested his shores, but even he does not realize how quickly it has re-birthed in the dark, among the treasures of the Deep.

Book Two of the Kingdom Series. Rates ‘T’ for thematic material, battle-gore, violence, alcohol references, smoking reference and rude humor.

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  1. Sarah Kuntz says:

    Thank you very much for writing this series! It is deeply encouraging and refreshing to read stories about a young man of such integrity–and such unique and interesting adventures.

    Are you still planning on releasing a third book? I would love to hear more about Joseph and his adventures.

    I bought the e-book version of The Road to the King & In Service of the King–and most happily acquired paperbacks as well… If there are more that are just as good I would greatly enjoy adding them to my collection 🙂

    1. L. R. Styles says:

      Sarah – Yes we are almost finished with the third book in the series In Search of the King. We’re turning it over to the editor in December, or hope to. We appreciate your kind remarks about the series, books we have spent almost 15 years planning, writing and re-writing. To hear how folks enjoy reading about. Joseph Asher is quite rewarding. Each story character is based on a person we know or are related to, as all our books are. We will post on this blog when the final book in the series is away to the editor, and when it comes out for sale, hopefully by the end of the year. We just put out a series compilation, of the first two books in paperback:

      Thank you again for writing to us. – Steven & L. R. Styles

  2. James Stevenot says:

    Any new update on release of 3rd book?

    1. L. R. Styles says:

      James thank you for the inquiry. We are still working on In Search of the King; we’re not quite happy with the ending just yet and we’re bent on putting out a high quality product. It is about 97% complete. We hope to have it off to the editor in summer. Thank you for hanging in there; it is beyond flattering to know one’s work is anticipated. – Steven & L. R. Styles

    2. James the manuscript is nearly done. Are you interested in beta-reading?

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